Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant.png

It's a rule here in the South. Following a heavy rain on Sunday, on Monday your yard becomes a death zone dotted with little red clay volcanoes -- fire ant mounds teeming with satanic assassins just itching to sting you and any other animal they can find.

The pustule-causing stings are more than an annoyance. People with allergies can die from anaphylactic shock after a single sting. Small children stung dozens of times have died. Fire ants also take a tremendous toll on livestock and other wildlife, especially ground-nesting birds. So we are justified in wanting to kill them before they kill us.

Yearly Red Fire Ant Control is best to apply January 15th with Round 1 Lawn Care Program.  It will take 1 application of Top Choice for a 12 month Fire Ant Control!

Once application is complete; it will take up to 1 month for it to be fully effective.