Lawn Rescue Specialty Services

You have worked hard to have your yard look fantastic.  However, weeds in the flower bed can point the focus where you don't want it.  In addition, it will be impossible to enjoy that beautiful yard with Texas Fire Ants and other bugs and critters ruining that wonderful day you and the family had planned in the yard.  Let Lawn Rescue help you with our Specialty Services!

Bed Weed Control Program

*Limited Program available for Bed Weed Control.

Red Fire Ant Control

Jan. 15th- Best with Round 1 Lawn Care 1x Application 12-month Fire Ant Control

Grub Worm/Chinch Bug Preventative

June 1st - Best with Round 4 Lawn Care 1x Application 12 month Grub Worm / Chinch Bug Control

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